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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

This is my second post

Hello this is my second post. dont worry, im posting this is because i wanna let my blogpost increase. i dont want just to put dummy script like lorem ipsum, etc etc. but acctually if using that dummy script my posting will look nice and full of text. and also its nice to have long blogpost with accordingly sentence and page break.
Why spiderman? its because spidey is my favourite hero. he is smart, small and fast. also the characteristic of spidey i think its just nice, alitle bit of humor, honour, sincieere. and also the character behind the mask is also cool. maybe you will find my posting about spiderman and travel alot in this blog.
as i like to travel, i also buy collectibles item, of spiderman, there is a china spiderman, japan spiderman, vietnam spiderman, singapore spiderman, so wanna see my collection?
wait for my posting hehe


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